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- Recycling equipment company is selected because of these things
Our recycling equipment and manufacturing company provides products and services to all industries, and has given
professional advice to the material handling equipment industry for over 30 years. Our US zip code recycling advisors are
focused on not only getting you the best equipment for your industrial or commercial business, but take every step to
make sure you are satisfied with your purchase for years into the future. In addition, we offer a national network of
service technicians to ensure proper installation of your new, reconditioned, and used equipment. A lot of our business is
returning clients and referral based, so we want to make sure you are completely happy with your purchase.

- Products we sell and distribute are primarily made in the USA
Recycling equipment products we sell are primarily made in the United States. We do sell some recycling equipment
products that are made outside the United States if a client is looking for something very specific. Our goal is to provide
the best products made in the US whenever possible.

- Global industries trust our recycling equipment advisory services
As a world waste equipment leader, our expertise is small, medium, and large size recycling equipment. Vertical balers
make up a large portion of our internet equipment sales. Companies around the globe ask our equipment advisor services
for help selecting the best waste management equipment, because we have proven and tested waste management
cardboard compactors. Our global waste reduction equipment business has grown over the years as US businesses
continue to expand facilities and plant operations overseas.

- We ship waste management and recycling equipment all over the world
One of the equipment advisors said "Our customer waste management service and
industry knowledge differentiates from our competition. We know the waste management products in the marketplace
and are confident that our waste recycling equipment has a proven track record of high performance and reliability. Our
domestic and international clients continue to purchase from us after the initial sale, because we go the extra mile to
make sure they are happy with the waste management products we recommend. The large number of repeat business we
get says it all. Clients love our material handling products and services!"

- Recycling equipment has a proven track record and solid warranty
Our recycling equipment products have continued to grow in every postal code over the years as we addressed clients
with specific needs. The small and medium compactor and baler products we sell are intended for specific waste
management applications. Vertical baler products are a big seller. Each customer is different and has a specific focus
point. We handle each customer differently - with the highest integrity and knowledge. Others in the industry have a
more cookie cutter approach. We carry a wide selection of cardboard balers, drum crushers, plastic compactors, marine
compactors, as well as stainless steel trash compactors. Our waste management company also sells banding material for
cardboard box balers. We feel that the polyester banding material is easier to use and store, as strong as metal or steel
banding, and quicker to install.

- Dealer national network of professional recycling equipment installers
US companies have relied on our zip code expert recycling equipment installation services after buying our products,
because they are professional, knowledgeable, and fast. If any additional work needs to be done our installers have the
knowhow to complete the job. Our national network of installers really sets us apart from the competition. Our United
States waste management equipment installation network uses the latest in technology and tooling to complete the job.
Our cardboard compactor and baler equipment installers are punctual, courteous, and knowledgeable.

If your industrial or commercial business has surplus material or a recycling problem and wants a waste management
solution ... we are the recycling equipment experts!


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