Since purchasing our recycling equipment, we are extremely satisfied with the customer service and the recycling advice
and tips we received. It handles our industrial metal drum crushing needs perfectly. Crushing 40 gallon metal drums and
cans is a snap with our new drum crusher. This drum compactor has made our employee's job so much easier. We would
highly recommend this piece of industrial waste equipment to other industrial buyers / manufacturers.
Mike B. - Las Vegas, NV

Our textile manufacturing company bought a new 48” vertical baler for our warehouse and distribution facility. We have
been very impressed with the 48 inch baler’s performance, product quality, and ease of use. If you are a manufacturing
company looking for a cardboard compactor or baling system, manufactured in the United States, that can be used every
day, then this manufacturer is for you.
Jose G. - Mexico City, Mexico

My shopping center in Haleiwa, HI needed a commercial or industrial cardboard vertical baler / bailing system, so we
bought a 24” inch baler and use it daily. The smaller compactor baler size is excellent. Our retail store has a lot of excess
cardboard boxes and containers, so I knew we could use this daily to reduce space taken up by corrugated cardboard
boxes. No problems with this industrial compactor baler. Very easy to use. It saves us money. Thanks again!
Joan D - Haleiwa, HI

I needed a stainless steel trash compactor for my home, so I bought a stainless compactor. I did a lot of research and this
trash compactor. It has all I wanted in a stainless steel trash compactor. I love the way it crushes my trash for garbage
truck pickup. I have seen the amount of trash volume for the management company reduced by about 75%. Recycling
equipment really does make a difference in material handling and waste reduction.
Fred L. - Houston, TX

I'm glad I found your waste management compactor and baler company! We love our 30 inch commercial drum crusher
and compactor! The drum crusher product is excellent for drum crushing and can compaction. Compacting drums and
cans couldn't be easier. We will use you again!
Simon A. - British Virgin Islands

The North Pole is very cold. We didn't know what kind of waste recycling equipment we needed. Your waste handling
equipment website is very informative. We were also very impressed by your extensive waste management industry
knowledge as well as fast and friendly service. Thanks for helping us find recycling equipment that meets up to our high
standards as well as can hold up to our harsh winters. Reducing waste has been a snap with your handling equipment.
Thanks a million.
Ralph H. - The North Pole

We have purchased several large industrial and commercial 60” vertical balers (mill size balers) for crushing and
recycling cardboard from your global company over the past few years and have been extremely satisfied. They will
continue to get our waste management equipment business. Their waste management baler equipment is tested and
proven to meet our very high standards. We highly recommend your company. There is no one else I would trust with my
waste management equipment.
Mary S. - Dallas, TX

I searched the Internet when our ocean vessel needed a marine stainless steel compactor and ran across your waste
management company website. The marine waste equipment product you delivered was exactly what you said it would be.
Well packaged, new, clean, and it worked like a charm. We are very pleased with our stainless steel trash compactor.
Waste management is difficult at sea, because water can get on the equipment, but your waste management equipment it
solid and performs flawlessly.
Stan - Ship (At Sea)

Your expert cardboard waste management and recycling equipment staff is dynamite! We got a great price on our
industrial drum crusher / compactor and fast delivery. Thanks for all of your help advising us on the proper waste
management equipment for our needs. Our waste management recycling efforts are really paying off. Your recycling
compactors balers have helped reduce our dumpster rental costs considerably. Thanks a bunch!
Mike M. - St. Thomas US Virgin Islands

I decided to select your industrial company from our list of waste management equipment suppliers, because you offered
the best price, delivery, and service. The personal attention and friendly I received was second to none! One of the selling
features in my opinion is that you have a national network of installers willing and able to install any waste management
equipment. The installers that came to our warehouse were professional and really knew the waste management
business. 5 stars out of 5 stars. I will recommend your recycling advisors to all my friends looking for waste management
equipment. Thanks!
Joe T. - San Francisco, CA

Our 60 inch vertical baler has performed exceptionally well in our company waste reduction facility. Our main use for this
product is large cardboard boxes and paper. The 60” baler is exactly what we were looking for. It is very reliable and
easy to use. There are other cardboard baler manufacturers, but this one offers the best value for your money. Fast
delivery and free advice is why we chose your company over the other trash compactor and baler manufacturers.
John W. - New York City, NY

We chose your world baler company because we needed a commercial multi-bin trash compactor. The nice thing is it has
casters for rolling around and also allows us to crush / compact multiple materials with one compactor system. We
compact and crush plastic, paper, and cardboard on a daily basis. It's a great trash reduction compactor product!
Chris H. - Chicago, IL

I reviewed a lot of other waste management & recycling equipment companies before I chose your manufacturing and
supply company. One reason is you had the best quality products at the most reasonable price. There is no need to go
anywhere else. Manufacturers, distributors, and suppliers should use your recycling equipment co., because you provide
the best service and equipment in the industry. I give this recycling equipment supply company 10 out of 10.
Larry O. - Salt Lake City, UT

The 42” vertical baler we bought from your recycling equipment company has helped us reduce our corrugated cardboard
box and paper problems. Now we have a clean and efficient work area with much less clutter. In addition we have become
a more responsible (greener) company by recycling materials on a daily basis. Baling cardboard, paper, and other waste
material is so easy with this 42” industrial vertical baler. Thanks!
Glenn S. - Hammond, IN

Corrugated cardboard boxes and cartons have always been a big issue in our retail supply store. They take up a lot of
space in our surplus warehouse area. I was looking for a simple waste solution to reduce the amounts of cardboard boxes.
Someone told me about your cardboard compactors and bailers, so I gave you a call. Your staff was very polite and has
tremendous knowledge about recycling equipment. We ended up purchasing a cardboard bailer from you and it has
worked great.
Robert I. - Brooklyn, NY

I did a zip code lookup on google and ran across your recycling company website. I contacted you through your website to
find out more information about different trash compactor and baler options for our specific business application. The
recycling advisors were very informative and happy to help me get the proper material handling equipment for my needs.
It is obvious that this company has a lot of experience helping customers with material management equipment advice. I
would highly recommend them. 
John H. - Miami, FL

Our recycling center needed a couple vertical balers for its warehouse storage area. Being the purchasing manager, it
was my job to find the right products. After searching yahoo for all vertical balers companies I found your business. I
spoke to one of the baler guys at your company and got a “free quote” online. The free quote was well within our budget,
so we ordered the equipment. It was a very easy process and the recycling equipment has been extremely reliable.
Jesse - Atlanta, GA

I was searching the MLS and just happened to run across an advertisement for recycling equipment. Our business has
been trying to compact cardboard for years without a vertical baler. It is a long process. Anyway, I discovered your
stationary compactor and vertical baler company. Your crew helped us find a standard vertical baler that fits our needs.
The vertical baler we purchased is 60 inches wide, which is a mill size baler. It is perfect! Thanks for all your help!
Don I. - San Francisco, CA

Our warehouse surplus cardboard has stacked up for months. We have a very large distribution center. We needed some
recycling equipment out help us compact it and bale it. Your crew advised us to purchase vertical balers and spread them
throughout the facility. It was one of the best things we have done.
Thanks to your recycling advisor our new recycling equipment works great!
Jim J. - Los Angeles, CA
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