Best Selling Trash Compactor
Newly designed and technically advanced trash compactor that is highly efficient, environmentally friendly, and very cost effective. It is the perfect waste management and storage solution for large public and high traffic areas.

"Customers are raving about the trash compactors look and ease of use. They are superior to other waste handling equipment in the marketplace."

Holding up to seven times more waste than a conventional waste bin, it ensures a tidy and hygienic environment while saving you time and money on waste collections.

General non-recyclable waste takes up a lot of space, and most waste collection companies charge per bin when collection. This means the fewer bins you have, the less you'll pay. It's as simple as that!


Durable and hard-wearing construction
Holds up to 7 times more waste than a conventional bin
Hygienic hands free automatic shutter
Food tray holder speeds up waste disposal
Compacts waste to save money on waste collections
Reduces your impact on the environmen


This trash compactor can be wrapped in any colour or pattern you want, providing a smooth and resilient finish that’s resistant to moisture and daily cleaning.
You can either send us a print ready file, or we will be happy to offer you a suggested design. The choice is yours.

Trash Compactor is ideal for:

Public Spaces
Theme Parks
Hospitals / Medical Centers
Rail Stations
Shopping Centers
Commercial Buildings
State, County, and City Offices
Shopping Malls / Strip Malls
Fast Food Restaurants
Cruise Ships / Luxury Boats
High Schools / Grade Schools
Sports Facilities / Complexes
Office Buildings
City Parks / City Streets
Movie Theaters
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