Reduce Reuse Recycle Materials
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Materials
(Check with waste service company)
Agricultural Plastic Recycling
Aluminum Scrap Recycling
Asceptic Packaging Recycling
Asphalt Recycling
Athletic Shoe Recycling
Bicycle Recycling
Brass and Bronze Recycling
Bricks Recycling
California Refund Value (CRV) Beverage Container Recycling
Cardboard Recycling
Carpet Recycling
Cast Iron Recycling
Children Accessories Recycling
Concrete Recycling
Construction & Demolition (C & D) Debris Recycling
Container and Wrapper Recycling
Cooking Oil Recycling
Copper Recycling
Crayon Recycling
Dental Material Recycling
Dirt/Soil Recycling
Document Shredding
Drywall Recycling
Expanded Polystyrene Packaging Recycling
Fishing Line Recycling
Flooring Recycling
Foam Packaging Recycling
Glass Container Recycling
Gravel Recycling
Junk Mail Recycling
Magazines, Catalogs and Phone Books Recycling
Mandatory Commercial Recycling Program
Masonry Recycling
Mattress Recycling
Metal Cans Recycling
Metals (other than cans) Recycling
Newspaper Recycling
Outreach Materials
Paper Recycling
Paperback Books Recycling
Paperboard Recycling
Photographic Film
Plastic Bags Recycling
Plastic Bags Recycling
Plastic Beverage Container Recycling
Plastics #1 and #2 Recycling
Plastics #3 - #7 Recycling (no Styrofoam)
Plastics Recycling
Polystyrene Packaging Recycling
Propane Tanks
Razor Handles Recycling (Preserve brand only)
Recycling Containers
Roofing Materials Recycling
Sand Recycling
Shoe Recycling
Steel Recycling
Stone Recycling
Terra Cycle Container & Wrapper Recycling
Textiles Recycling
Tiles Recycling (Flooring)
Tiles Recycling (Roofing)
Tin Recycling
Tires Recycling
Toothbrushes (from Preserve)
Untreated Wood & Pallets Recycling
Vehicles and Vehicular Parts Recycling
Water Filters Recycling (Brita brand only)
White Paper and Computer Paper Recycling
Window Glass Recycling
Wine Cork Recycling
X-Ray Film
Phone: 916-862-1928
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